I Didn’t Pay These People Off, I Swear

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – “A delightful, bravura piece of gothic pop…fans of Neil Gaiman and the aforementioned Buffy will be immediately taken, but there’s a literate edge to the pyrotechnics that makes for an unlikely and welcome marriage between the spook story and literature of altogether less ectoplasmic substance.” 

BLOODYDISGUSTING.COM – “Hitting the high notes of multiple genres, her talent is wicked raw and proudly untamed. This is Fenn’s first novel—I can’t wait to see what comes next.” 

REALMS OF AN OPEN MIND BLOG – “Fenn has a knack for character development. Even when it came down to the most insignificant appearances, I could always connect and visualize any character that was introduced. From personalities and quirks down to each person’s physical description, you knew who you were seeing, and as a character-driven reader, this was huge. The mystery itself that ties in with the ghost story takes turn after wild turn, but not in that cheesy and eye-rolling way that can occur when it comes to the fantastical. Fenn ties it all together, making us believe the unbelievable with incredible world building and vivid glimpses into the past. Poe is a spooky mystery of a ghost tale. Demons, possession, hauntings, murder, and hidden pasts. Get it. Read it. Love it.”

THE NOVEL PURSUIT BLOG – “Poe moves as smoothly as a novel ever moved. Each action leads to another logical action. Characters and strange events are introduced at just the right time. Conclusions are made and acted upon in a realistic manner, which is not an easy feat in a fantasy / horror novel . I am in awe of J. Lincoln Fenn’s Rubik Cube structuring and the ease of which she pulls it off. But just as important is her smart realistic dialogue and the depiction of a main protagonist, Dimitri, is mentally smart in words and thoughts…Overall, I was basically bowled over by Poe. It came out of nowhere and surprised me. Well, sort of out of nowhere. It did win Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award for 2013 in the category of science fiction, fantasy and horror. The novel jumps into my own top five of my best novels of 2013 and is nipping at the heels of number one. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes great well-paced fiction.”


A FUNNY, SPOOKY, UTTERLY CAPTIVATING READ. The book quickly becomes very hard to put down. The writing style flows well, and the main character, Dmitri Peters, is both drily humorous and genuinely decent. He unravels secrets about the cursed house where he should have died, about the ghost who insists on haunting him, and about his own past. His small city falls victim to a series of brutal murders, and he can’t help trying to figure out why. This is a supernatural thriller with a highly accessible style. The story ties up nicely but also leaves open the possibility of a sequel, which I would read in a heartbeat. I don’t normally like supernatural or horror books much, but this story is so entertaining that it will appeal to fans of almost any genre. A great read, all around.

– KAREN   ★★★★★

POE. Fenn should be expecting a call from FOX about a tv deal.

– LISA   ★★★★★

A GREAT HORROR READ!  This book had me at the prologue! Dimitri’s character was spot on and I was intrigued every little bit of the way throughout the novel. The paranormal aspects of the story were done very smoothly and in a believable way. There were many twists and turns that kept me wanting to keep reading and reading, especially at the end! 

– STEPHANIE   ★★★★★

READ THIS NOW. Sometimes I read a book that I LOVE and read in a great big hurry, only to find, afterwards that I can’t organize my thoughts enough to review it. Poe is one of those. It is a supernatural/horror/romance/comedy with a tight, complex plot. It is a marvelous read and certainly deserves the attention that the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award will attract. If you love adventure with a side of paranormal excitement this is the book for you.

– S. KREED   ★★★★★

ORIGINAL STORY, EXCELLENT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.  Wow. This book was unlike anything I’ve ever read and just downright good from cover to cover. A mix of horror, fantasy, comedy, and romance – it has a little something for everyone. A fast-paced novel, loveable (and unloveable) characters, supernatural elements, suspense, with some humor and a little romance thrown in – what’s not to like? As a warning, there were some dark moments that may not be for the faint of heart. I’m not surprised at all that Poe was the 2013 Winner — Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award — Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror. I’ll be looking for other books by this author.

– TPOLEN   ★★★★★

A FANTASTIC READ FOR FANS OF THE GENRE. One test of a genre book like this is “does it make you stay up later than you planned while reading it”, and in this case Poe passes with flying colors as I did stay up late a few times for “one more chapter”. I found the ending to be clever and neatly set up a next book (which is what I assume the author was intending, as most genre books tend to run in series or trilogies now). The fact that I would happily pre-order any follow-up book to POE probably is as good an endorsement as I could make for it. I very much liked the book, and think more good things are coming from J. Lincoln Fenn in the future.

– ERIC  ★★★★★

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“While this book is essentially horror, or dark fantasy, it is also very funny. Dimitri has a wonderfully sarcastic and snarky way of looking at the world, and the way he messes with Nate and Bob is a beautiful thing to see. The prologue pulls you right into the mystery of the story, and then the story pops back a day to give the events leading up to there, which include a lot of very funny situations and statements, at least through the first half of the book or so. After that things become more serious…If you like dark urban fantasy and/or horror you should enjoy this book quite a lot.”

– KATY  ★★★★★

“Not since “John Dies at the End” have I encountered a story that manages to be so engaging while deftly balancing the chuckles with the shivers. A twenty-something, disaffected and self-deprecating under achiever–well, maybe that last bit isn’t fair, he has churned out a thousand plus page novel featuring Rasputin as a zombie–goes from stumbling through life to waking up in the morgue. Coincidence keeps calling, and soon Dimitri finds that the bumps he encounters on the road to true love are actually the bodies a demon-possessed serial killer has left for him to find. I totally get why this twisted little gem was a winner of 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. I just pray this book will make it into the hands of Sam Raimi.”

– J. D. HORN ★★★★★

” After reading the hype about this book, I was excited to get my hands on a copy. After reading the book’s summary, my expectations became even higher, and I couldn’t wait to start reading it. Long story (pardon the pun) short: This is one of those rare cases where my high expectation were absolutely met.

The story is comprised of so many elements that it’s bound to appeal to any number of readers on some level. Most obviously, the story hinges around the events that occur after a seance in a haunted house, so it’s definitely got those paranormal elements going for it. Then, there are aspects of family drama, grief and loss, ghosts, mental illness, historical events/figures/legends, a little bit (not too much) of gore, dreams that double as visions into the past, angels and demons, and even some romance. Happily, in my view, the book is successful on all of those fronts.”

– PAIGE ★★★★★

“I adore this book. Right from the beginning I felt a connection with the main character. The prologue hooked me in and made me want to keep reading to find out what would happen next. One of the things that kept me interested in this story was the rather pessimistic optimism of the main character. He looked at life in a similar way to myself and I laughed out loud on multiple occasions. This is one of those books that you have to be rather careful reading when you are in public if you don’t want the people around you to stare at you as if you have lost your mind.

 If you like books that contain suspense, humour and a different type of story than the average one that you see every day, this is the book for you. I never really knew what was going to happen next, and I was sad when the story was over. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to read the sort of Gothic type mysteries that I love. This book was so much fun.”

– IONIA ★★★★★

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